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More information on the auditor qualification
According to GMP requirements, the auditor qualification is based on the following criteria :
- Initial training

- Professional skills

- Training and experience of the auditor
The auditor received a GMP training followed by an assessment on site under the supervision of a senior auditor or the auditor should justify equivalent experience on the standard required. Additionally, the auditor should perform annually a minimum of audits to maintain her/his qualification.
The CV of the auditor is always joined to the proposal.
The customer is able to reject the proposed auditor if they consider the its profile and experiences is not suited to their needs. This refusal should be justified.
There is no conflict of interests between the auditor and the auditee:
- The auditor has not been employed by the auditee in the 3 years before signing the contract

- The auditor did not provide consultancy to the auditee for the last 3 years
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