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Performing your supplier and contractor audits - Developing , Managing and Performing your shared audits - Training and Assessing your auditors - Training your team on GMP ...
Pharmaceutical services : training
Good Manufacturing Practices
Good Manufacturing Practices require a regular training of all staff involved in the manufacturing of medicines. This training should be adapted to the personnel tasks. HCS-QA is able to help you to conduct your training module based on your quality events. This training should be focused on key points of GMP :
- Control of documentation

- Control of changes

- Management of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)

- Cleaning validation

- Good practices in Quality Control laboratory...
Auditor training
The increasing number of suppliers and actors involved in drug / API manufacturing requires a control of suppliers and contractors usually by audits. The perfect knowledge of the standards ICH Q7, IPEC, GDP or European GMP is necessary to conduct efficiently an audit. The qualification of the auditor is a key point for the success of these audits.
Profile of attendees : ISO 9001 auditor, Quality Manager, Production Manager, Purchaser, Importer, Distributors, Brokers
Objectives of the training

- How to prepare and conduct a quality audit
- How to present results of a Quality audit during a closing meeting according to ISO methodology
- Know how and life skills
- How to write a detailed and factual report
- How to assess an action plan and perform the follow-up of actions
HCS-QA provides its experience in supplier audits. This training can be adapted to the experience of attendees.
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